Edge Computing and Telematics for Heavy Equipment

AELBOX solves the problem of how to develop edge computing applications on operational heavy duty vehicles without direct access to the equipment. It lets you safely developdebug and deploy applications on running heavy equipment. Imagine that you can develop complex telematics applications remotely, from your comfortable office desk. The powerful application programming interfaces remove the need to understand the complex vehicle bus and embedded systems.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing integration on heavy equipment with the AELBOX platform
AELBOX Edge Computing integration interface

The device simultaneously connects to the heavy equipment enginechassis and transmission over CAN bus. It collects geographical location from GPS and Glonass satellites. Then stores data locally on industrial grade SLC flash, and analyses it on a dual core industrial grade i.MX6 processor. Finally it transmits compressed summary over high speed 4G LTE.

The administrative panel is available for each device. It allows easy device configuration, remote control and script or Docker containers deployment for your custom applications. Even when the device is operating in low power mode and the vehicle is down, you can remotely activate it to use the full Telematics interface. Then, the data is available for real-time monitoring.

AELBOX provides a safe environment for your Telematics applications. It does not imply absolutely any restrictions on the Mobile Services provider, the M2M cloud provider, data storage format or data transfer protocols. The Docker Engine environment onboard ensures that your application can be written in any language and technology. This allows maximum flexibility of your Edge Computing application.

AELBOX brings a next level security involving hardware cryptography. The Internet authentication of the cryptographic chip and the hidden RSA keys for data signing are backed with the needed APIs. This ensures safe remote lock or unlock of vehicle from a smartphone, control center or other means of Internet connectivity. The secure boot using hardware data protection and encryption takes care of the problem how to secure sensitive data like mileage, SIM PIN codes, passwords and keys. Nobody can extract data from the device, even with a brute-force hardware disassembly and inspection.

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