2x@800Mhz cores for PC-like performance when vehicle is operating. 1x@200Mhz core scaling down to 1x@10Mhz consuming less power than a car alarm.

Multiple CAN

Multiple CAN bus interfaces @1Mbit. Connect your existing vehicle networks for analysis, storage and data transfer. Full J1939 stack.

LTE interface

Full speed LTE networking inside a Linux-powered OS. Get almost real-time data exchange with your machine-to-machine Cloud.

Multiple serial

2xRS232 and 1xRS485 interfaces for interfacing external devices and peripheral like access control and remote displays. Full J1708 stack.

Industries of ÆLBOX M1

The ÆLBOX M1 device is designed to fully integrate with various types of vehicles. The device is used by software developers to create awesome telematics applications using the powerful real-time APIs provided in the development kit. With the help of the rich coverage of our APIs, build environment for the low-power real-time MCU and the capability of deployment of multiple Linux containers with any software, you can fully exploit the information the vehicle provides both when on battery and when vehicle is operating.


Heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy duty transport and mining vehicles are a direct match for the ÆLBOX M1 device. Usually mining vehicles have higher requirements for operating in harsh conditions, CAN bus speed and bus saturation. ÆLBOX M1 matches perfectly those requirements being able to handle 3 CAN interfaces @1mbps and 60%+ saturation with very low CPU consumption.


Public transport

The ÆLBOX M1 is the perfect platform for building applications for the transit industry. Install once and build on top multiple applications running simultaneously. Complex applications like passenger counting, door opening tracking, scheduling and timing, vehicle health status monitoring are easy to build with ÆLBOX M1.


Long hauling

Implementing custom applications requiring driver interaction, load tracking, vehicle health monitoring and full data logging for retrospective troubleshooting and vehicle diagnostics is not that hard at all with the powerful APIs provided in the SDK.


Boats, ships, yachts

The ÆLBOX M1 fulfils the requirements of the NMEA 2000 standards providing opto-isolated I/O and CAN bus interfaces supporting the NMEA 2000 protocol. Up to 3 NMEA 2000 channels can be analysed and the data can be stored in the device. When the high-speed LTE network is available, data can be sent for further Cloud processing.


Oil wells/rigs

Oil drilling implies heavy use of fuel-driven machinery, electricity generators mostly operating on CAN bus networks. Oil drilling is a well applicable industry for computer automation with ÆLBOX M1, especially when flammable fuel leaks might be present.


Diesel/gas/alternative fuel

Producing electricity as backup or as main activity in bio-gas installations, requires remote control and automation. Developing custom applications for maintaining stable processes is so easy with the programming interfaces we provide.

Applications of ÆLBOX M1

The ÆLBOX M1 device is a perfect fit for many complex telematics applications.


Heavy-duty vehicles

• Monitoring system performance of vehicles
• Remote control of devices
• Access control for vehicle operators
• Proximity detection, security
• Custom equipment connectivity


Car pooling

• Access control systems
• Activity monitoring
• Driving habits analysis
• Driver interaction
• Vehicle security


Ticketing systems

• Ticket verification
• Smart phone/tablet integration
• Schedule/timing/doors monitoring
• Passenger interaction
• In-vehicle advertising


Remote Maintenance

• Full vehicle bus logging
• Driver habits analysis
• High-resolution fuel savings analysis
• Driver interaction

Rich APIs for the MCU and CPU
total hardware coverage

Full-featured real-time C APIs for convenient access to I/O, networking, vehicle sensors,
environment and power control inside the MCU extensible firmware. The APIs are available both for the full power CPU (JSON-RPC,MQTT,websockets) with bindings for any programming language and low power MCU (ANSI C, Cloud-based build tools, emulator available).

Administrative user interface

Responsive browser interface for accessing, configuring and developing new software applications.

Full statistics

System health information, CAN bus traffic, debugging serial interfaces, troubleshooting and logging. System health, application management, API testing.


Full protocol stack

Full C parser stack for the latest SAE-J1939 and SAE-J1708 protocols. Fine-grained events on the PGN/SPN and PID/MID level.

JIT platforms

The high level programming language mappings have rich APIs and able to run several user applications simultaneously. Available platforms are OSGi, Node.JS, Mono.

Your custom extensions

We can extend our hardware to implement your extra requirements


Perfectly extensible

If you have special hardware and software requirements like additional sensors, integration with external devices and peripherals, APIs in other programming languages, feel free to contact us. Do you need Iridium integration, smart phone/tablet connectivity, more networking and I/O interfaces? We would be glad to modify and extend the device functionality and provide the needed software development APIs. If you want custom software running on the M1 and need help with the implementation, we have the capacity to fulfil those tasks.

Contact us

More and more great features

We don't stop extending the firmware and software coverage.


Hardware cryptography

The on-board electronics provide super-secure sensitive data storage like access keys, passwords and tokens. The hardware is clone-protected and provides AES and RSA cryptography on protected keys



The powerful APIs provide flexible mechanism for compressing firmware and software images. Functionality includes Intel HEX compressor and binary delta patching on the existing packages. API coverage includes CPU boot loader, OS and, root file system as well as the firmware on the low-power MCU and other on-board peripherals


Extensible low power computing

Rich C APIs allow programming of flexible watchdogs for low power mode operation of the device without requiring knowledge in hardware signals. The AT commands interface of the MCU firmware is open source and can be used as a starting point for new extensions.


Absolute positioning

The sensitive on-board GLONASS/GPS satellite interface and the full API coverage of the NMEA protocol allow implementing advanced tracking functionality.


External mounting

The IP67 TE DEUTSCH enclosure allows for external mounting and can survive harsh conditions. The opto-isolated CAN and I/O interfaces allow for use in marine applications.


Industrial/automotive grade

The device fully covers industrial grade requirements for durability in temperatures between -40°C and +85°C. The computing cores are able to withstand conditions up to 105°C

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