Device hardware details and J1939 connectivity


The device provides 4x 12 pin TE DEUTSCH connectors which allow underground and marine installations through its opto-isolated I/O and 3x J1939 CAN bus lines. This ensures that the engine, chassis and transmission box can be connected simultaneously to the device.

AELBOX connectivity

Multiple transistor and relay outputs are available. It also has analogue inputs for current and voltage measurements. Several RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces are provided for connectivity to external displays or devices. The MIMO LTE antenna provides great signal stability and throughput improvement.

Software Development with a J1939 simulator

AELBOX provides an easy to use hardware and software development kit. Placing the device board on the desk and connecting it to the router and a SAE J1939 simulator lets you easily develop and test your software in the cozy office.

Development kit and J1939 simulator connected to AELBOX M1


When a deployment is needed, never worry that your application may crash. AELBOX makes sure that this cannot affect the state of the device at all.

Scripting and Applications

Docker and scripting interface

For your convenience when creating simple applications, the APIs are fully scriptable with the Lua language. When you need full application developed in any language, you can deploy it through the Docker interface. Never worry that your application may crash – it is just a script or a Docker container running in a safe and stable environment.

Getting Started

Development kit connectivity

  • Contact us to get the starter pack.
  • Put a full size LTE SIM card in the slot.
  • Mount the development kit on top.
  • Connect the kit over LAN and/or USB.

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