Aelbox M1 APIs

Here you'll find the full list of supported C APIs. Use the left pane to navigate to the different APIs and examples.

What are those API about?

The device exposes all its functionality through easy to use functions and events for any programming languages. By default, the APIs for the C programming language comes for free. The programming interface is available for the CPU and MCU. The CPU APIs are accessible from the Linux containers running on the system through the local network, while the MCU APIs are accessible by the embedded program running on the microcontroller unit. If you're writing a Linux application in the C programming language, the C APIs are well tested and available for you. If you're developing in any other language, perhaps the JSON-RPC2 and MQTT APIs are for you. For both the CPU and MCU there is an emulator available for easier development and debugging of MCU and CPU applications. Please sign in with your developer account to get access to them.

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